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TeamRight ArrowNamePositionStatusInjuryUpdateUpdated
Arizona DiamondbacksLuke WeaverPOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmWeaver is injured with arm5/28/19 12:09 AM
Arizona DiamondbacksSteven Souza Jr.OFOut indefinitelyTorn left ACL, LCLSouza is injured with knee3/26/19 10:33 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksTaijuan WalkerPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryWalker is injured with arm3/25/19 10:45 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksRobbie RayPOut indefinitelyRight lower back spasmRobbie Ray placed on 10-day IL.8/15/19 8:15 PM
Atlanta BravesNick MarkakisOFOut indefinitelyFractured left wristNick Markakis placed on 10-day IL.7/27/19 5:00 PM
Atlanta BravesDansby SwansonIFOut indefinitelyRight foot contusionSwanson is injured with foot8/3/19 7:24 AM
Atlanta BravesAustin RileyOFOut indefinitelySprained right kneeAustin Riley placed on 10-day IL.8/8/19 5:39 PM
Atlanta BravesEnder InciarteOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringEnder Inciarte placed on 10-day IL.8/17/19 5:21 PM
Baltimore OriolesAlex CobbPOut for seasonRight hip surgeryAlex Cobb to undergo season-ending hip surgery.6/11/19 9:00 PM
Baltimore OriolesMark TrumboDHOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryTrumbo is injured with knee3/25/19 10:45 PM
Baltimore OriolesDwight Smith Jr.OFOut indefinitelyStrained left calfDwight Smith Jr. placed on 10-day IL.7/30/19 5:30 PM
Boston Red SoxDavid PricePOut indefinitelyTFCC cyst in his left wristDavid Price placed on 10-day IL.8/8/19 7:27 PM
Boston Red SoxSteve PearceIFOut indefinitelyStrained low back, partially torn PCLPearce is injured with back8/10/19 4:57 PM
Boston Red SoxChris SalePOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationChris Sale placed on 10-day IL.8/17/19 9:33 PM
Boston Red SoxMichael ChavisIFOut indefinitelySprained left AC jointMichael Chavis placed on 10-day IL.8/12/19 6:27 PM
Boston Red SoxDustin PedroiaIFOut indefinitelyLeft knee discomfortDustin Pedroia to be placed on 10-day IL.4/19/19 12:00 AM
Chicago CubsKendall GravemanPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGraveman is injured with arm3/25/19 10:48 PM
Chicago CubsWillson ContrerasCOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringWillson Contreras placed on 10-day IL.8/4/19 3:30 PM
Chicago CubsDaniel DescalsoIFOut indefinitelySprained left ankleDaniel Descalso placed on 10-day IL.7/27/19 7:39 PM
Chicago CubsBen ZobristIFOutPersonalBen Zobrist placed on restricted list.5/8/19 8:09 PM
Chicago White SoxManny BañuelosPOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder inflammationManny Banuelos placed on 10-day IL.6/19/19 7:15 PM
Chicago White SoxCarlos RodónPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationCarlos Rodon placed on 10-day IL.5/2/19 8:03 PM
Chicago White SoxNicky DelmonicoOFOut for seasonLeft shoulder surgeryNicky Delmonico underwent season-ending shoulder surgery.6/4/19 10:00 PM
Chicago White SoxYoán MoncadaIFOut indefinitelyStrained hamstringYoan Moncada to be placed on 10-day IL.7/31/19 9:06 PM
Chicago White SoxCarson FulmerPOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringCarson Fulmer placed on 10-day IL.8/3/19 6:48 PM
Chicago White SoxMichael KopechPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryKopech is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Cincinnati RedsTyler MahlePOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringTyler Mahle placed on 10-day IL.7/22/19 8:48 PM
Cincinnati RedsCurt CasaliCOut indefinitelySprained right kneeCurt Casali placed on 10-day IL.7/18/19 6:51 PM
Cincinnati RedsJuan GraterolCOut indefinitelyConcussionJuan Graterol placed on 7-day concussion IL.7/26/19 7:24 PM
Cincinnati RedsDerek DietrichIFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder inflammationDerek Dietrich placed on 10-day IL.8/5/19 7:48 PM
Cincinnati RedsJoey VottoIFOut indefinitelyStrained lower backJoey Votto placed on 10-day IL.8/18/19 4:42 PM
Cincinnati RedsJesse WinkerOFOutTight upper backWinker is out with back8/20/19 5:30 PM
Cleveland IndiansBradley ZimmerOFOut indefinitelyRight shoulder surgeryZimmer is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:00 PM
Cleveland IndiansJefry RodriguezPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderJefry Rodriguez placed on 10-day IL.6/4/19 6:48 PM
Cleveland IndiansDanny SalazarPOut indefinitelyStrained right groinDanny Salazar placed on 10-day IL.8/2/19 7:00 PM
Cleveland IndiansJordan LuplowOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringJordan Luplow placed on 10-day IL.8/6/19 7:09 PM
Cleveland IndiansCarlos CarrascoPOut indefinitelyBlood disorderCarlos Carrasco placed on 10-day IL.6/5/19 6:39 PM
Cleveland IndiansCorey KluberPOut indefinitelyFractured right ulnaCorey Kluber diagnosed with fractured forearm.5/2/19 2:03 AM
Colorado RockiesBrendan RodgersIFOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryBrendan Rodgers to miss rest of season.7/17/19 1:45 AM
Colorado RockiesDavid DahlOFOut indefinitelySprained right ankleDavid Dahl placed on 10-day IL.8/3/19 8:15 PM
Detroit TigersJeimer CandelarioIFOut indefinitelySprained left thumbJeimer Candelario placed on 10-day IL.8/6/19 2:33 PM
Detroit TigersTyson RossPOut indefinitelyUlnar nerveTyson Ross placed on 10-day IL.5/12/19 9:39 PM
Detroit TigersGrayson GreinerCOut indefinitelyStrained lower backGrayson Greiner placed on 10-day IL.6/15/19 2:51 AM
Detroit TigersChristin StewartOFOut indefinitelyConcussionChristin Stewart placed on 7-day concussion IL.7/30/19 5:21 AM
Detroit TigersMatt MoorePOut for seasonRight knee surgeryMatt Moore to miss rest of season.4/17/19 7:27 PM
Detroit TigersMichael FulmerPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryFulmer is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Detroit TigersJaCoby JonesOFOut indefinitelyFractured left wristJaCoby Jones likely to miss rest of season due to fractured wrist.8/11/19 1:21 AM
Detroit TigersNiko GoodrumIFQuestionableSore groinGoodrum is questionable with groin8/20/19 1:48 AM
Houston AstrosCarlos CorreaIFQuestionableBack discomfortCorrea is questionable with back8/20/19 2:09 AM
Houston AstrosAledmys DíazIFOut indefinitelyIllnessDiaz is injured with illness8/18/19 6:03 PM
Houston AstrosLance McCullers Jr.POut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryMcCullers is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsJesse HahnPOut indefinitelyRight elbow surgeryHahn is injured with elbow3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsSalvador PérezCOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryPerez is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsCam GallagherCOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueGallagher is injured with oblique8/8/19 8:33 PM
Kansas City RoyalsAdalberto MondesiIFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder subluxationAdalberto Mondesi placed on 10-day IL.7/17/19 8:12 PM
Kansas City RoyalsDanny DuffyPOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringDanny Duffy placed on 10-day IL.8/6/19 7:54 PM
Los Angeles AngelsAndrelton SimmonsIFOut indefinitelySprained left ankleSimmons is injured with ankle8/4/19 3:39 PM
Los Angeles AngelsKevan SmithCOut indefinitelyStrained lumbarKevan Smith placed on 10-day IL.8/11/19 4:27 PM
Los Angeles AngelsZack CozartIFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulderZack Cozart placed on 10-day IL.5/28/19 10:51 PM
Los Angeles AngelsFélix PeñaPOut for seasonTorn right ACLPena is out for season with knee8/4/19 3:42 PM
Los Angeles AngelsTommy La StellaIFOut indefinitelyFractured right tibiaTommy La Stella to miss 8-10 weeks with fractured tibia.7/3/19 9:33 PM
Los Angeles DodgersTyler WhiteIFOut indefinitelyStrained trap muscleTyler White placed on 10-day IL.8/13/19 8:51 PM
Los Angeles DodgersChris TaylorIFQuestionableFractured left forearmTaylor is questionable with arm8/20/19 2:09 AM
Los Angeles DodgersRich HillPOut indefinitelyLeft forearm discomfortRich Hill to be placed on 10-day IL.6/20/19 5:18 AM
Los Angeles DodgersAlex VerdugoOFOut indefinitelyStrained right obliqueAlex Verdugo placed on 10-day IL.8/6/19 9:30 PM
Los Angeles DodgersDavid FreeseIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringFreese is injured with hamstring8/17/19 11:48 PM
Los Angeles DodgersKiké HernándezOFQuestionableSore left handHernandez is questionable with hand8/20/19 2:09 AM
Los Angeles DodgersRoss StriplingPOut indefinitelyRight biceps tendinitisRoss Stripling placed on 10-day IL.7/27/19 5:57 PM
Miami MarlinsMiguel RojasIFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringMiguel Rojas placed on 10-day IL.8/7/19 3:12 PM
Miami MarlinsPeter O'BrienOFOut indefinitelyLeft ribcage contusionPeter O'Brien placed on 10-day IL.5/11/19 7:45 PM
Miami MarlinsChad WallachCOut indefinitelyConcussionChad Wallach placed on 10-day IL.5/24/19 7:39 PM
Miami MarlinsPablo LopezPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderLopez is injured with shoulder6/19/19 7:09 PM
Miami MarlinsCésar PuelloOFOut indefinitelyStrained left hipCesar Puello placed on 10-day IL.8/5/19 5:12 PM
Miami MarlinsJosé UreñaPOut indefinitelyStrained left lower backJose Urena to be placed on 10-day IL.6/12/19 6:57 PM
Miami MarlinsJT RiddleOFOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmJ.T. Riddle placed on 10-day IL.7/18/19 1:27 PM
Milwaukee BrewersBrandon WoodruffPOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueBrandon Woodruff placed on 10-day IL.7/22/19 8:39 PM
Milwaukee BrewersJimmy NelsonPOut indefinitelyRight elbow effusionJimmy Nelson placed on 10-day IL.6/28/19 7:15 PM
Milwaukee BrewersLorenzo CainOFQuestionableTweaked obliqueCain is questionable with oblique8/20/19 1:48 AM
Milwaukee BrewersJhoulys ChacínPOut indefinitelyStrained right obliqueJhoulys Chacin to be placed on 10-day IL.7/24/19 9:48 PM
Milwaukee BrewersCorbin BurnesPOut indefinitelyIrritated right shoulderCorbin Burnes placed on 10-day IL.7/15/19 8:39 PM
Milwaukee BrewersBrent SuterPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgerySuter is injured with arm3/25/19 11:21 PM
Minnesota TwinsByron BuxtonOFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder subluxationByron Buxton (shoulder) placed on 10-day IL.8/3/19 7:09 PM
Minnesota TwinsLaMonte Wade JrOFOut indefinitelyDislocated right thumbLaMonte Wade placed on 10-day IL.7/6/19 10:09 PM
Minnesota TwinsWillians AstudilloCOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueWillians Astudillo placed on 10-day IL.6/27/19 3:00 PM
New York MetsYoenis CéspedesOFOut for seasonRight ankle surgeryYoenis Cespedes undergoes season-ending ankle surgery.5/23/19 7:33 PM
New York MetsJeff McNeilIFOut indefinitelyMild strained hamstringJeff McNeil placed on 10-day IL.8/14/19 4:54 PM
New York MetsJ.D. DavisOFQuestionableTight right calfDavis is questionable with calf8/19/19 12:45 AM
New York MetsDominic SmithOFOut indefinitelyLeft foot stress reactionDominic Smith placed on 10-day IL.7/27/19 7:21 PM
New York MetsJed LowrieIFOut indefinitelyStrained hamstringLowrie is injured with hamstring5/14/19 7:57 PM
New York MetsBrandon NimmoOFOut indefinitelyStiff neckBrandon Nimmo to be placed on 10-day injured list. 5/22/19 9:33 PM
New York MetsRobinson CanóIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringRobinson Cano placed on 10-day IL.8/5/19 4:33 PM
New York YankeesAaron HicksOFOut indefinitelyStrained right flexorAaron Hicks placed on 10-day IL.8/4/19 7:42 PM
New York YankeesJacoby EllsburyOFOut indefinitelyPlantar fasciitis, left hip surgeryEllsbury is injured with hip3/25/19 11:48 PM
New York YankeesGreg BirdIFOut indefinitelyPlantar fascia tearGreg Bird placed on 10-day IL.4/16/19 2:48 PM
New York YankeesLuis SeverinoPOut indefinitelyRight rotator cuff inflammationSeverino is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:51 PM
New York YankeesJordan MontgomeryPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryMontgomery is injured with arm3/25/19 11:48 PM
New York YankeesEdwin EncarnaciónIFOut indefinitelyFractured right wristEdwin Encarnacion placed on 10-day IL.8/3/19 10:06 PM
New York YankeesLuke VoitIFOut indefinitelySports herniaLuke Voit placed on 10-day IL.7/31/19 3:03 PM
New York YankeesMiguel AndújarIFOut for seasonTorn right labrumMiguel Andujar to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.5/16/19 12:45 AM
New York YankeesThairo EstradaIFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringThairo Estrada placed on 10-day IL.8/18/19 2:51 PM
New York YankeesGiancarlo StantonOFOut indefinitelySprained right PCLGiancarlo Stanton to be placed on 10-day IL.6/26/19 9:12 PM
Oakland AthleticsRamón LaureanoOFOut indefinitelyRight shin stress reactionRamon Laureano to be placed on 10-day IL.7/31/19 5:48 AM
Oakland AthleticsSean ManaeaPOut indefinitely Left shoulder surgeryManaea is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:54 PM
Oakland AthleticsStephen PiscottyOFProbableRight anklePiscotty is probable with ankle8/20/19 2:09 AM
Oakland AthleticsDaniel GossettPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGossett is injured with arm3/25/19 11:54 PM
Oakland AthleticsMarco EstradaPOut indefinitelyStrained lumbarMarco Estrada placed on 10-day IL.4/17/19 10:42 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesJay BruceOFOut indefinitelyStrained elbowJay Bruce placed on 10-day IL.8/9/19 11:12 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesAndrew McCutchenOFOut for seasonTorn left ACLAndrew McCutchen to miss rest of season with torn ACL.6/4/19 10:18 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesJake ArrietaPOut for seasonRight elbow surgeryJake Arrieta to undergo season-ending elbow surgery.8/17/19 6:57 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesRoman QuinnOFOut indefinitelyStrained right groinRoman Quinn placed on 10-day IL.8/17/19 6:33 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesBryce HarperOFQuestionableDehydrationHarper is questionable with illness8/18/19 7:39 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJameson TaillonPOut indefinitelyStrained right elbow flexorJameson Taillon placed on the 10-day IL.5/4/19 6:51 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesGregory PolancoOFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder inflammationGregory Polanco placed on 10-day IL.6/22/19 5:42 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesFrancisco CervelliIFOut indefinitelyConcussionFrancisco Cervelli placed on 7-day concussion IL.5/26/19 4:24 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesChad KuhlPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryKuhl is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesElias DíazCQuestionableFaceDiaz is questionable with face 8/20/19 2:09 AM
Pittsburgh PiratesLonnie ChisenhallOFOut indefinitelyFractured right index fingerReport: Lonnie Chisenhall out 4-6 weeks.3/28/19 3:21 PM
San Diego PadresIan KinslerIFOut indefinitelyHerniated discIan Kinsler placed on 10-day IL.8/16/19 8:18 PM
San Diego PadresFernando Tatis Jr.IFOut indefinitelyLower back spasmFernando Tatis Jr. to be placed on 10-day IL.8/15/19 1:06 AM
San Diego PadresJacob NixPOut indefinitelyStrained right UCLNix is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Diego PadresGarrett RichardsPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryRichards is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Francisco GiantsJohnny CuetoPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryCueto is injured with arm3/26/19 12:00 AM
San Francisco GiantsShaun AndersonPOut indefinitelyRight mid finger blisterShaun Anderson to be placed on 10-day IL.8/8/19 9:36 PM
San Francisco GiantsSteven DuggarOFOut indefinitelySprained left shoulderSteven Duggar to be placed on 10-day IL.8/8/19 9:33 PM
San Francisco GiantsPablo SandovalIFOut indefinitelyRight elbow inflammationPablo Sandoval to be placed on 10-day IL.8/14/19 6:03 PM
Seattle MarinersMitch HanigerOFOut indefinitelyRuptured testicleMitch Haniger placed on 10-day IL.6/7/19 8:54 PM
Seattle MarinersBraden BishopOFOut indefinitelyLacerated spleenBraden Bishop placed on 10-day IL.6/6/19 12:09 AM
Seattle MarinersRyon HealyIFOut indefinitelyLower back inflammation, hipRyon Healy placed on 10-day IL.7/24/19 7:09 PM
Seattle MarinersDomingo SantanaOFOut indefinitelyRight elbow inflammationDomingo Santana placed in 10-day IL.8/20/19 5:00 PM
Seattle MarinersFélix HernándezPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderFelix Hernandez placed on 10-day IL.5/12/19 2:09 PM
St. Louis CardinalsTyler O'NeillOFOut indefinitelyStrained left wristTyler O'Neill placed on 10-day IL.8/3/19 6:27 PM
St. Louis CardinalsJosé MartínezOFOut indefinitelySprained right AC jointJose Martinez placed on 10-day IL.8/12/19 7:06 PM
Tampa Bay RaysTyler GlasnowPOut indefinitelyMild strained forearmTyler Glasnow to miss 4-6 weeks.5/11/19 3:15 PM
Tampa Bay RaysAvisaíl GarcíaOFOut indefinitelyStrained right obliqueAvisail Garcia placed on 10-day IL.8/14/19 4:42 PM
Tampa Bay RaysYandy DíazIFOut indefinitelyLeft foot contusionYandy Diaz placed on 10-day IL.7/23/19 7:12 PM
Tampa Bay RaysYonny ChirinosPOut indefinitelyRight middle finger inflammationYonny Chirinos placed on 10-day IL.8/5/19 7:12 PM
Tampa Bay RaysBrandon LoweIFOut indefinitelyBruised right shinBrandon Lowe placed on 10-day IL.7/4/19 3:06 PM
Tampa Bay RaysBlake SnellPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow surgeryBlake Snell to undergo elbow surgery; expected to miss at least 4 weeks.7/25/19 6:15 PM
Tampa Bay RaysJoey WendleIFOut indefinitelyRight wrist inflammationJoey Wendle placed on 10-day IL.7/31/19 8:45 PM
Tampa Bay RaysChristian ArroyoIFOut indefinitelyRight forearm tendinitisChristian Arroyo placed on 10-day IL.6/13/19 7:57 PM
Texas RangersDanny SantanaIFOutTight left hamstringSantana is out with hamstring8/20/19 5:18 PM
Texas RangersTaylor HearnPOut indefinitelyTight left elbowTaylor Hearn placed on 10-day IL.4/26/19 11:45 PM
Texas RangersNomar MazaraOFOut indefinitelyStrained obliqueNomar Mazara placed on 10-day IL.8/20/19 5:18 PM
Texas RangersAdrian SampsonPOut indefinitelyLower back muscle spasmsAdrian Sampson (back) placed on 10-day IL.8/19/19 8:09 PM
Texas RangersJesse ChavezPOut indefinitelyElbow impingementJesse Chavez placed on 10-day IL.8/13/19 8:51 PM
Texas RangersJoey GalloOFOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryGallo is injured with wrist8/3/19 10:09 PM
Texas RangersYohander MéndezPOut indefinitelySprained left elbow ligamentMendez is injured with elbow3/26/19 12:00 AM
Toronto Blue JaysDevon TravisIFOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryTravis is injured with knee3/26/19 12:03 AM
Toronto Blue JaysLuke MaileCOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueLuke Maile to be placed on 10-day IL.7/27/19 6:15 PM
Toronto Blue JaysRyan BoruckiPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationRyan Borucki placed on 10-day IL.7/31/19 4:36 PM
Toronto Blue JaysMatt ShoemakerPOut for seasonTorn left ACLMatt Shoemaker to miss rest of season with torn ACL.4/21/19 11:42 PM
Toronto Blue JaysClay BuchholzPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder inflammationClay Buchholz placed on 10-day IL.5/10/19 8:21 PM
Toronto Blue JaysClayton RichardPOut indefinitelyTight left latClayton Richard placed on 10-day IL.7/14/19 2:21 PM
Toronto Blue JaysLourdes Gurriel Jr.OFOut indefinitelyStrained left quadLourdes Gurriel placed on 10-day IL.8/9/19 8:39 PM
Toronto Blue JaysNick KinghamPOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueKingham is injured with oblique8/3/19 8:45 PM
Toronto Blue JaysVladimir Guerrero Jr.IFQuestionableLeft knee discomfortGuerrero Jr. is questionable with knee8/19/19 12:45 AM
Washington NationalsMax ScherzerPProbableMild strained rhomboidScherzer is probable with back8/18/19 4:54 PM
Washington NationalsRyan ZimmermanIFOut indefinitelyPlantar fasciitis in his right footRyan Zimmerman placed on 10-day IL.7/22/19 8:33 PM
Washington NationalsJeremy HellicksonPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderJeremy Hellickson placed on 10-day IL.5/21/19 6:42 PM
Washington NationalsBrian DozierIFOutPaternityBrian Dozier placed on paternity list.8/19/19 6:36 PM
Washington NationalsAustin VothPOut indefinitelyRight bicep tendinitisAustin Voth placed on 10-day IL.7/21/19 8:21 PM