NBA Injury Report

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TeamRight ArrowNamePositionStatusInjuryUpdateUpdated
Atlanta HawksAllen Crabbe IIIG-FOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryCrabbe is injured with knee10/17/19 5:24 PM
Atlanta HawksChandler ParsonsFOutKneesChandler Parsons listed inactive for Thursday.10/22/19 1:06 AM
Boston CelticsRomeo LangfordGOutSprained right kneeLangford is out with knee10/22/19 6:09 AM
Boston CelticsTacko FallCOutConcussionFall is out with concussion10/22/19 8:30 PM
Chicago BullsShaquille HarrisonGProbableStrained left hamstringShaq Harrison now listed probable Wednesday.10/23/19 5:36 PM
Chicago BullsChandler HutchisonFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringHutchison is injured with hamstring10/1/19 2:57 PM
Cleveland CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut indefinitelyLeft tibial stress reactionDylan Windler expected to miss 4-6 weeks.9/27/19 6:27 PM
Cleveland CavaliersAnte ZizicCOut indefinitelyLeft foot plantar fasciitisAnte Zizic expected to miss at least 4 weeks.10/17/19 8:39 PM
Cleveland CavaliersJohn HensonF-COutSprained right ankleJohn Henson listed out for Wednesday.10/23/19 12:39 AM
Dallas MavericksDwight PowellF-COut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringDwight Powell out at least 2 games. 10/22/19 5:51 PM
Dallas MavericksRyan BroekhoffG-FQuestionableSprained right ankleBroekhoff is questionable with ankle10/22/19 5:33 PM
Denver NuggetsBol BolCOut indefinitelyLeft foot surgeryBol is injured with foot10/17/19 10:39 PM
Detroit PistonsSekou DoumbouyaFOutConcussionDoumbouya is out with concussion10/22/19 9:03 PM
Detroit PistonsBlake GriffinFOut indefinitelySore left hamstring, sore posterior kneeBlake Griffin sidelined through first week of November.10/22/19 8:39 PM
Golden State WarriorsWillie Cauley-Stein Jr.COut indefinitelyStrained left footWillie Cauley-Stein to miss start of season.9/30/19 9:33 PM
Golden State WarriorsAlec BurksGProbableSprained right ankleAlec Burks probable for Thursday.10/22/19 8:18 PM
Golden State WarriorsAlen SmailagicF-COutSprained ankleSmailagic is out with ankle10/22/19 6:15 AM
Golden State WarriorsKevon LooneyFProbableStrained hamstringKevon Looney expected to play in season opener Thursday.10/18/19 9:06 PM
Golden State WarriorsMarquese ChrissFProbableLeft toe infectionMarquese Chriss probable for Thursday.10/22/19 8:18 PM
Golden State WarriorsKevin DurantFOut indefinitelyRight Achilles surgeryKevin Durant underwent surgery for ruptured Achilles.6/12/19 8:06 PM
Golden State WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLKlay Thompson diagnosed with torn ACL.6/14/19 5:36 AM
Houston RocketsNeneC-FOutAdductorNene listed inactive for Thursday.10/22/19 1:09 AM
Houston RocketsGerald GreenG-FOut indefinitelyFractured left footGerald Green out indefinitely.10/15/19 5:33 PM
Indiana PacersTyreke EvansGOutAnti-Drug Program violationTyreke Evans dismissed, disqualified from NBA for violating Anti-Drug program.5/17/19 8:45 PM
Indiana PacersVictor OladipoGOut indefinitelyRuptured right quad tendonOladipo is injured with quad10/1/19 2:18 PM
Los Angeles ClippersRodney McGruderG-FQuestionableSprained right ankleMcGruder is questionable with ankle10/23/19 5:36 AM
Los Angeles ClippersAmir CoffeyG-FQuestionableSprained right ankleCoffey is questionable with ankle10/23/19 5:33 AM
Los Angeles ClippersPaul GeorgeFOut indefinitelyShoulder surgeriesPaul George targeting November return.9/30/19 12:48 AM
Los Angeles LakersAlex CarusoGProbablePelvic bone contusionAlex Caruso probable for Tuesday.10/21/19 8:00 PM
Los Angeles LakersKyle KuzmaFOut indefinitelyLeft foot stress reactionKyle Kuzma likely to miss at least 1 more week.10/23/19 12:57 AM
Los Angeles LakersTalen Horton-TuckerGQuestionableRight foot stress reactionHorton-Tucker is questionable with foot10/23/19 5:33 AM
Los Angeles LakersDeMarcus CousinsCOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLDeMarcus Cousins diagnosed with torn ACL.8/17/19 12:03 AM
Los Angeles LakersRajon RondoGQuestionableSore right calfRondo is questionable with calf10/23/19 5:33 AM
Memphis GrizzliesAndre IguodalaG-FOutLeft teamIguodala is out with left team10/22/19 2:03 PM
Miami HeatJames JohnsonFOutConditioningJames Johnson listed inactive for Wednesday.10/22/19 1:03 AM
Miami HeatUdonis HaslemFOutSprained left wristHaslem is out with wrist10/22/19 4:48 PM
New Orleans PelicansDarius MillerFOut indefinitelyRuptured right AchillesDarius Miller underwent surgery for ruptured Achilles.8/29/19 3:12 PM
New Orleans PelicansZion WilliamsonFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryZion Williamson underwent knee surgery; to miss 6-8 weeks.10/21/19 8:48 PM
New York KnicksKadeem AllenGOutSore right kneeAllen is out with knee10/22/19 5:33 PM
New York KnicksMitchell RobinsonCOutSprained right ankleMitchell Robinson ruled out Wednesday.10/23/19 4:00 PM
New York KnicksReggie BullockGOut indefinitelyCervical disc herniation surgeryReggie Bullock underwent surgery for cervical disc herniation.7/17/19 8:09 PM
Oklahoma City ThunderAndre RobersonG-FOutLeft kneeAndre Roberson listed out for Wednesday.10/22/19 9:39 PM
Orlando MagicChuma OkekeFOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLOkeke is injured with knee10/16/19 1:00 PM
Phoenix SunsTy JeromeGOutSprained right ankleTy Jerome listed out for Wednesday.10/22/19 11:15 PM
Phoenix SunsCameron JohnsonGOutSore left calfCameron Johnson listed out for Wednesday.10/22/19 11:18 PM
Portland Trail BlazersJusuf NurkicCOut indefinitelyFractured left tibia, fibulaNurkic is injured with leg10/1/19 2:18 PM
Portland Trail BlazersPau GasolF-COutLeft foot surgeryPau Gasol ruled out for Wednesday.10/19/19 8:09 PM
Sacramento KingsHarry Giles IIIF-COutSore left kneeHarry Giles listed inactive for Wednesday.10/22/19 12:57 AM
Toronto RaptorsPatrick McCawG-FQuestionableSore left kneeMcCaw is questionable with knee10/23/19 5:36 AM
Toronto RaptorsRondae Hollis-JeffersonFQuestionableSore left groinHollis-Jefferson is questionable with groin10/23/19 5:33 AM
Utah JazzDante ExumGOut indefinitelyRight knee rehabDante Exum without timetable for return.10/22/19 10:12 PM
Washington WizardsJohn Wall Jr.GOut indefinitelyRuptured left AchillesWall is injured with achilles10/1/19 2:18 PM
Washington WizardsTroy Brown Jr.FOutStrained left calfTroy Brown Jr. listed inactive for Wednesday.10/22/19 1:06 AM
Washington WizardsIsaiah ThomasGOutLeft thumb surgeryIsaiah Thomas listed out for Wednesday.10/22/19 9:45 PM
Washington WizardsIan MahinmiCOut indefinitelyStrained right AchillesIan Mahinmi to miss at least 6 weeks.10/3/19 4:06 PM
Washington WizardsC.J. Miles Jr.F-GOutLeft foot surgeryCJ Miles listed out for Wednesday.10/22/19 9:42 PM